Today, the top three generals are all here. How can the arrival of Zhuyu not cause a stir? Wang Yifu and some of the most powerful elders and supreme masters around him did not know where the After all, even if the war goes on, the Empire will certainly suffer. Taurus followed with a sneer: "boss, do you want me to solve him?" Among them, several pirate kings were knocked out, and their resources were plundered. But now it can't be pulled off by others. Now, mu Chengxue some want to know how to deal with this encounter, and then secretly told her own w In a hurry, Yu Shou instinctively gathered the five elements spiritual defense between heaven and ea What's more, this kind of intelligence is not as good as ordinary people's monsters. "Interesting, there has not been such a strong new man in Wanxing hall for a long time!" Therefore, the two people saved the evil emperor, and they immediately withdrew, for fear that Liu B But the golden light gradually dissipated, the golden seal gradually distorted. Small purple Qian hums a way: "go to the north, there seems to be a pool of good water, go to take a Ye Yiming will not forget that he was chased by so many people, in the final analysis, it is because Several generals looked at marshal vallon and did not speak. PS: on the shelves on May 1, please reserve the monthly ticket ~, thank you! Felix, covering his face, said sullenly; If there are two hostile creatures, the wise will constantly advise both sides to keep fighting.

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