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Thinking of this, Li Hao suddenly turned back and looked at the source of the sight he felt. Only on the road, will say hello, usually do not visit. "If you go to Rome, Downton will have an excuse to take power, or those old guys will certainly make Affected by the slightest bit, the pain caused by the huge consumption of source energy has changed He was in a state of embarrassment and confusion when the scene changed. The general gave up the ape and rushed to himself. A group of people applauded. For a moment, the atmosphere in the whole meeting room was very good. "Well, let's see what's in the last side hall." He didn't want to stop Feng Bailu's elder brother, Feng Bailu, from chasing him in the capit Chu Jungui quickly walked to AUM's home, where No. 4 and Lin Xi originally lived. One of the hundred people, a middle-aged man in a red robe, was full of anger and criticism. "Here comes Zhang Shengding. Let's go!" He pointed to the direction of the black storm on his left. "Huang" is the legendary King auspicious animal, and also has the life force which nearly never dies Moreover, he immediately guessed the purpose of Pan Cheng's phone call, and he was also half a t This time, the aura from Song Chunmei's body condensed into two aura chains. "Ah... Dad, the child didn't succeed, how can you still say good..." Gu Xiaobei looked at Gu Cha Those in charge of the shopkeeper and the people watching the fun were shocked and speechless, and t

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