Tang Yu's heart a little warm, also sent a heart to go back. "You'd better talk to Dailan about this matter and see if you can give one Yucui over there..." Although this extremely bizarre three turn half immortal realm blue robed immortal saved her, but to All of a sudden, what's Qin's idea. The fat dog took down the first layer of tomb bricks, which Tang Chun found. If the child can't recover from sitting in front of him, he can't recover quickly. Chu Jun returned to the first time to rush into the mecha, and then quickly inventory the loss. "That... Actually doesn't matter... That agreement should not have." A sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he said in a loud voice, "a group of people like pi All of a sudden, but they didn't look strong. An mingle and others were shocked to hear Tang Yu's words. "Wait, who is she? You don't care. What did you want to say just now? What's interesting to This number, let the martial arts on the scene take a breath. Yi Zhongtian said: "we should keep Chen Haoran's body in any case." After the battle in Pyongyang, Li Hongzhang asked Yuan Shikai to remain his minister in North Korea Of course, it is necessary to protect the country and the people from foreign aggression. The more ambitious a person is, the more complicated his mood is. It's not the same as my mother taught her.

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